Bad Teeth

If you have bad teeth, correcting your bite should be one of your top priorities. After all, crooked, gapped or stained teeth are a handicap in every facet of life. Bad teeth can adversely affect everything from your love life to your career. Fortunately, improving your smile may not be as expensive or time-consuming as you assumed.

Many people mistakenly assume that they will have to wear braces or Invisalign if they want to correct problems like tooth gap. Braces and Invisalign are expensive solutions that are ideal for extremely crooked, bad teeth. A small gap between the teeth, however, is among the easiest and least expensive dental problems to correct. Gapped teeth can often be corrected in a very short period of time with the use of Teeth Gap Bands.

Bad Teeth and Teeth Gap Bands

Teeth Gap Bands are ingeniously simple devices that close dental gaps in days to weeks. We here at Teeth Gap are proud to offer this effective, affordable and user-friendly alternative. These bands can be ordered online without a prescription, and are easy to apply oneself. Putting on the bands is slightly challenging only during the first day or two of use. After that, it's a breeze.

The process of inserting a band is similar to flossing. Although you don't actually need a mirror for the simple act of flossing, looking into the mirror seems to help. The same is true for applying Teeth Gap Bands. The bands are always worn at night, during sleep. Wearing the bands during the day is optional, but clear bands are available for daytime use which are practically invisible, making this a very attractive option. Obviously, the more often you wear your bands, the more quickly your tooth gap will be corrected.

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Invisible Braces

Invisible braces, like Invisalign, are most popular among adults. For children and young teens, having traditional braces cemented to their teeth is almost a rite of passage. Wearing braces is so common among pre-teens and teens that it's completely socially acceptable. A young woman or young man may not enjoy their braces, and they may not like having to go to the orthodontist's office, but they won't feel embarrassed by their braces.

The same cannot be said for adults. As an adult, wearing metal dental braces can be extremely embarrassing. This is especially true for adults who work, and whose work is effected by their image. If you sell cars, teach children, try cases in front of a jury or work in any other field where you need to communicate face to face, wearing braces will be a liability. Then again, having noticeably gapped teeth is a liability, too.

Invisible Braces, Viable Solutions

Fortunately, adults with crooked or gapped teeth have a number of options at their disposal. Some turn to invisible braces, which resemble retainers more than they resemble traditional braces. These plastic aligners are not precisely "invisible", but they are, at least, clear. A new aligner is created for the wearer every two weeks, making this process both costly and time-consuming. Invisible braces like Invisalign take an average of nine to 15 months to work, although they may take longer.

Adults with gapped teeth, rather than crooked teeth, have a better invisible alternative. These folks can wear our ingenious Teeth Gap Bands that actually pull teeth toward each other, effectively closing a gap. Our bands are remarkably low cost, and have been proven to take only days or weeks to work.

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Gap Between Teeth

As we age and our teeth shift, a gap between the teeth may suddenly appear. If you have a tooth extracted which is not immediately replaced with an implant or bridge, your entire bite may shift dramatically. The teeth surrounding this missing tooth may shift toward each other, creating a gap between the teeth. It's not at all unusual for a person who had a terrific smile her entire life to suddenly notice she now has gapped teeth.

For some, a very small gap between the front teeth can be charming, even attractive. Anything larger than the faintest of gaps, however, is usually regarded as unsightly. Of course, gaps that occur between teeth other than the two front teeth are completely undesirable. For instance, a gap between an incisor and a canine is quite noticeable, and very clumsy looking.

Correcting a Gap Between the Teeth

Fortunately, people who want to fix the gaps between their teeth have a very wide range of remedies from which to choose. The most obvious, as well as the least desirable, is to wear braces. Braces are a fine option for people with truly crooked teeth, but are unnecessary for mere gaps.

People can correct their dental gaps in just a few visits to the dentist if they choose to have their teeth bonded. Unfortunately, bonding is an extremely pricey solution, and temporary bonds or veneers frequently fall off. More and more people are turning to Teeth Gap Bands. Teeth Gap is proud to offer this proven, affordable solution to those who wish to close a gap between the teeth in mere weeks, for a fraction of the cost of braces or Invisalign.

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Gapped Teeth

For many people today, gapped teeth are a source of great embarrassment, even shame. Unlike faintly crooked teeth, gapped teeth are very noticeable. What's more, the gap between a person's teeth can increase dramatically over time. A gap can even appear from out of nowhere, when a person's bite shifts with age. In such an instance, a person who has had a perfect smile for years will one day notice that she suddenly has tooth gap.

Gapped Teeth and Bonding

Too many people turn to bonding as a solution for tooth gap. Reality television programs and TV documentaries about cosmetic makeovers have introduced millions of people to the basics of cosmetic dentistry. More people than ever know about dental techniques such as laser gum recontouring, porcelain veneers, and bonding.

Sadly, many people who could correct their gaps with simple, inexpensive Teeth Gap Bands choose to bond their teeth instead, because they heard about the procedure on television. Teeth Gap Bands are very effective tools for correcting gaps. They can be worn exclusively at night, although many choose to wear invisible versions of the bands during the day. These bands are extremely low-cost, and take only weeks to work.

Bonding, on the other hand, is prohibitively expensive. In this process, the teeth in question are sanded, or "roughened." Resin bonds are then placed on the teeth. The resin is sculpted, then set (hardened) with a light. Bonding is a wonderful procedure for those with very damaged teeth, but totally unnecessary for mildly gapped teeth.

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Clear Braces

Adults who wish to correct their teeth and improve their smiles have many options available to them these days, including clear braces, invisible braces and Teeth Gap Bands. The large number of options, coupled with the similarity of terms, can be confusing to some. For instance, many people mix up terms like clear braces, invisible braces and invisible bands.

Clear Braces Versus Invisible Braces

Clear braces are just what they sound like. They look like traditional metal braces, with brackets glued to the front of each tooth. These brackets are usually made of plastic or ceramic, making them less noticeable than metal braces, if not exactly "clear". The actor, Tom Cruise, famously wore these braces as an adult.

Invisible braces, or Invisalign, aren't really like braces at all. They are actually plastic aligners, or mouth guards. Wearers are given new aligners once every two weeks. Wearing the new aligner is akin to having one's braces tightened. Each new aligner creates a step toward straighter teeth and a better-looking smile. Invisible braces are usually worn from months to years.

Those who wish only to correct the gaps between their teeth are quite lucky. They are eligible for a third type of treatment, invisible bands, which correct gapped teeth. Teeth Gap Bands are extremely inexpensive and very easy to use. Wearers can either choose to wear their bands only at night, or to combine visible night bands with invisible bands to be worn during the day. These bands take just weeks to work.

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Straight Teeth

In the United States, straight teeth are very nearly a social requirement. Not having straight teeth means more in the U.S. than it seems to in other countries. Here, crooked and gapped teeth are not only a cosmetic blemish, but a social stigma. The subliminal message of gapped or crooked teeth is that the person in question is too poor, uneducated or irresponsible to care for his appearance. Right or wrong, it's hard to make it in America without straight teeth.

Straight Teeth and Dental Insurance

Ironically, more and more Americans are living without insurance these days. Out of those folks who can afford medical insurance, many just can't spare the extra cost of dental insurance. Although everyone in America is expected to have perfect teeth, fewer and fewer Americans are able to afford them.

Fortunately, innovators have developed great, low-cost alternatives to pricey braces, invisible braces and veneers. People with gapped teeth are able to correct their smiles with our inexpensive products called Teeth Gap Bands. These bands can be ordered online, are easy to use, and work in just weeks.

Users also have a great deal of control over these amazing bands. They can be worn exclusively at night, or during both night and day. The bands can be taken off for important events, and are always taken off for meals and for cleaning the teeth. If a wearer feels too much pressure wearing the Teeth Gap Bands, he can stretch them out a bit before slipping them on, until his teeth begin to shift and the pressure is no longer uncomfortable.

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Teeth Braces

Teeth braces are an extreme solution for an extreme problem. For people with severely crooked teeth, braces are a blessing. For people with gapped teeth or damaged teeth, on the other hand, teeth braces are quite often a waste of time and money. With modern cosmetic dentistry and innovative new solutions, like Teeth Gap Bands, braces are necessary less and less often.

Different Types of Teeth Braces

Braces come in several different forms. Perhaps the most common are metal braces, in which brackets are adhered to the front of the tooth and a wire is strung through each bracket. Clear braces are designed much like these metal braces, except that the brackets are made of ceramic or plastic, rather than metal.

Lingual braces are attached behind the teeth, out of sight. The advantages are obvious, but the disadvantages are discouraging enough to limit the popularity of lingual braces. Another type of teeth braces employs metal bands that wrap around each tooth. Finally, many adults are turning to invisible braces these days.

Invisible braces, or Invisalign, are not really braces at all. Rather, they are a type of plastic aligner or plastic mouth guard that shifts the teeth slowly over time. Wearers are given a new aligner once every two weeks. Each aligner moves the teeth one step further in the right direction. Of course, Invisalign is both very expensive and very time-consuming, which is why many people with gapped, crooked or damaged teeth choose alternative solutions. Damaged teeth, for instance, can be corrected with porcelain veneers, bonding and other forms of cosmetic dentistry. Gapped teeth can be quickly corrected with inexpensive Teeth Gap Bands, available over the Internet through Teeth Gap.

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Tooth Gap

Tooth gap negatively affects millions of Americans today. If you have gapped teeth, you know that it's an embarrassing problem which can shake your confidence. It's hard to feel comfortable at a job interview or on a first date when you're worried about other people judging your teeth. Tooth gap may even discourage you from smiling freely, a sad fact that is bound to affect your own mood as much as it affects other people's perception of you.

Fixing Tooth Gap

If you have resolved to finally fix your tooth gap, we offer you our congratulations. Fixing the gaps in your teeth is likely to improve your confidence as much as it improves your smile. You'll feel more at ease dealing with people face to face, which will benefit everything from your love life to your career.

We here at Teeth Gap have a fantastic solution available for folks with gapped teeth. It's called Teeth Gap Bands, and it can correct your teeth in just a fraction of the time it would take to fix them with Invisalign. Even better, our Teeth Gap Bands are just a fraction of the cost of Invisalign.

If you have very crooked teeth, however, this product may not be ideal for you. While our Teeth Gap Bands are perfect for closing the gaps between teeth, they are not braces, and cannot realign crooked teeth the way braces can. However, for those people who suffer from a gap or gaps in the teeth, our Teeth Gap Bands are an absolute life-saver.

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Teeth Straightening

Teeth straightening can help those with crooked, gapped or damaged teeth look their best. In America, a woman isn't considered truly beautiful or a man truly handsome unless they have beautiful, white smiles. It's sad to say, but a simple flaw like a gap between two teeth or a crooked canine tooth can mar a person's entire image.

We live in an image-conscious society. How you look doesn't simply affect how well you do on, say, a singles cruise. Your appearance affects your performance in business. It affects the odds of your being promoted, securing a loan, or getting a good deal on a used car. How you look affects every interaction you have with other people. With consequences as far-reaching as these, teeth straightening seems more imperative than ever.

Teeth Straightening Options

There are many ways to straighten teeth or close the gaps between teeth. People with extremely damaged, crooked teeth may want to look into cosmetic dentistry options like bonding, porcelain veneers, or gum recontouring. These procedures are as expensive as they sound, but they can positively transform an ugly smile into a perfect one.

People with tooth gap have a wonderful, inexpensive alternative to costly procedures such as these. Gapped teeth can be closed with the help of our Teeth Gap Bands. We here at Teeth Gap are proud to offer this effective, low-cost alternative to pricier teeth straightening solutions, like Invisalign. One look at our before and after photos will show you just how effective our bands really are.

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Invisalign is an intriguing alternative to traditional metal or ceramic braces, and a new step in the evolution of teeth-straightening procedures. Decades ago, people who wanted to straighten their crooked smiles had to wear metal braces. Originally, these braces worked by wrapping a metal band around each tooth. Most of us are more familiar with the braces that followed, in which a metal bracket was adhered to the front of each tooth, and a wire strung between them.

Invisalign and Non-Traditional Braces

Today, traditional metal braces have morphed into a few different forms. People can choose to wear clear braces, for instance, in which the metal brackets are replaced with light-colored plastic or ceramic brackets. Others wear lingual braces, in which the brackets are adhered to the back side or lingual side of the teeth.

Still others choose to wear invisible braces, sometimes known as Invisalign. These invisible braces really don't resemble traditional braces at all. They are more like plastic mouth guards or retainers. They are often referred to as aligners. Although they have many advantages over other braces, they still take months or even years to work. They are also quite pricey, and require bi-monthly dental visits.

People whose teeth are gapped, rather than crooked, are eligible for a fabulous alternative to Invisalign. Gapped teeth can be corrected with our simple, inexpensive Teeth Gap Bands. Wearers slip the bands, which resemble tiny rubber bands, on the sides of their two gapped teeth. Slipping on the band is as simple as flossing. The band then pulls the two teeth closer toward each other, effectively closing the gap. This process is not only affordable and attractive, but very speedy as well. Even better, it requires no visits to the dentist's office.

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