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     Teeth Gap uses special Compressor bands called Teeth Gap Bands to draw your teeth together. The Teeth Gap Bands will be very important to your treatment. They provide "the pull" necessary to move the teeth quickly, and in the right direction. Here are a few pointers which will help you get the most out of wearing the Teeth Gap Bands:

  • Attach the Teeth Gap Band as indicated. Take one band out of the package. Grasp one band with index finger and thumb of each hand and stretch it out.  Slowly slide the band around the outside of the teeth with the gap between them. (Same way you would floss your teeth once you get one side in work on the other.)

  • A mirror may be necessary at first to put on Teeth Gap Bands, but soon you will be able to change the bands quickly and with little effort.

  • For the first few days, the teeth may become sensitive. This is a sign of movement, so do not let this discourage you. As the teeth become use to this pressure, the soreness will subside.

  • Use a new Teeth Gap Band every night. A fresh band is more effective than an used one.

  • Teeth Gap Bands should be worn every night and to speed the process up they can also be worn during the day. (Don't worry, we have the new Clear Teeth Gap Bands that are barely visible)

  • Teeth Gap Bands can be wore anytime except while eating or when brushing teeth.

  • If teeth become especially sensitive take a break! Leaving bands on to long can move the teeth to fast which might cause root damage.

  • You can stretch Teeth Gap Bands out before you put around your teeth to lessen the pressure pulling on your teeth.

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