Closing a Front Tooth Gap

A lot of people out there are asking, “How do I close a gap between my front teeth without braces?”  A common problem for adults and teens is a front tooth gap. If you have a gap in your teeth you’ll be happy to know you don’t need braces to close your gap and you can have gap free teeth for a faction of the price.

There is a product called “Teeth Gap Bands” which are comfortable compressor bands that go around the front two teeth to move them together. You can continue enjoying your everyday activities during treatment. Metal and wires are not used. So you don’t have to worry about irritating your lips or cheeks. You can play sports or do other outdoor activities while wearing a Teeth Gap Band around your teeth. Teeth Gap Bands are removable so if you get a craving to chew gum, you can simply side the band off your teeth to enjoy the gum.

Since Teeth Gap Bands are clear you will maintain a professional appearance. In fact they are nearly invisible. Most people will not know you are closing gapped teeth unless you tell them. After completing your treatment you will have more confidence and gap free smile.



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