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  • The best preventive measure is excellent oral hygiene. This includes brushing with a fluoride toothpaste for at least three minutes after breakfast and before going to bed (play a CD track and dance around the room or use an egg timer while brushing). We recommend Colgate Total toothpaste because of its new antibacterial ingredient. The use of a travel toothbrush after lunch is also encouraged (toothpaste is not necessarily needed). A basic part of oral hygiene is flossing. We encourage you to floss at least once each day.


  • Fluoride is a very important part of the prevention process. Fluoride will attach to any weakened enamel and strengthen it. Based on recent research, we are recommending that after brushing with a fluoride toothpaste and rinsing with water before going to bed, re-brush your teeth again with the fluoride toothpaste. You may spit the extra toothpaste out, but do not rinse with water. The idea is to LEAVE A SMALL AMOUNT OF FLUORIDE TOOTHPASTE ON YOUR TEETH AT NIGHT. This nightly light fluoride treatment will definitely help prevent decay, decalcification and gingivitis.


  • Minimize eating fermentable carbohydrates - mainly sugars. All candy is in this category as well as dried fruits. The bacteria that cause decay, decalcification and gingivitis utilize the fermentable carbohydrates as their food. The more fermentable carbohydrates in the mouth, the higher the bacterial count and the more likely problems could occur.


  • Minimize drinking soft drinks. There is evidence that the acid from carbonated soft drinks contributes to the breakdown of the enamel if multiple soft drinks are ingested each daily. Dr. Pepper and the colas seem to be the worst.


  • The rewards - straight teeth, a beautiful smile and a healthy mouth.

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