Keeping your teeth, gums and Teeth Gap Bands clean is important.

Brushing and flossing after every meal and snack is the only way to prevent plaque build up, tooth decay, and gum disease.


1. Use a fluoride containing toothpaste when you brush.

2. A soft bristled brush is also recommended----change every six months.

3. Continue to use all hygiene aids (such as electric toothbrushes, fluoride mouth rinses, etc.) that have been part of your regular routine. Remember, however, these cannot substitute for good brushing and flossing!

4. A fluoride gel may be prescribed if needed to help prevent cavities.

5. Use an egg timer or watch to measure your brushing time. A minimum of five minutes is needed to brush correctly.

6. Use a waxed floss to help prevent fraying.

7 Floss, brushes, Super floss, mouth rinses, auxiliary aids, etc. are all available at the local drug store or super market. Keep a supply on hand at home, work, school or when you travel so you may clean your teeth after every meal.

8. Maintain regular three to six month regular checkups with your family dentist throughout your orthodontic treatment. If you need your orthodontic wires removed before your next dental appointment please call us. We would be happy to schedule this procedure for your dentist.

9. Avoid eating hard foods such as ice, popcorn, nuts, spare ribs or corn chips. If you eat hard fruit, vegetables or fresh bread, it's a good idea to cut them into bite size pieces first.

10. Avoid sticky foods and foods high in added sugar such as caramel, bubble gum, taffy, gummy bears, etc.

11. When ever you have something sweet, brush your teeth and braces immediately afterward. Don't wait!

We appreciate your commitment to excellence in oral hygiene. It will help achieve a winning smile, healthy teeth and gums for years to come! Congratulations!

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