My teeth were quite sore after the first few nights of using it, but very quickly the soreness went away and I started using them every day and night.  I would only break to eat, or if my teeth started to get sore again.  It was a bit frustrating at first because my teeth would start to move back every day and it seemed to be progressing very slowly.  I was hoping it would be gone in a week, but I had patience.  It took nearly 2 months but Iím incredibly happy with the results.  And thereís virtually no gap on the other sides of my teeth!  You donít know how good it feels to actually be able to floss my middle teeth :D.




Hi, so I've tried you're product & I absolutely loved it! At first they were sore but then I wore them every night & day. Towards the end I've worn two bands at a time. I love your product & I'm so happy with my new smile! Thank you a million.

P.s. here are my before & after

Thanks so much. I was skeptical at first and I almost gave up after my teeth hurt so bad after the first couple of days, but low and behold my teeth began to move!  I wear the bands day and night only removing to eat and brush. The bands have really made a priceless difference in my smile and my confidence at a very affordable cost. I would recommend these bands without hesitation! Thanks Teeth Gap!!

Dorah Donley

This is amazing thanks so much Teeth Gap.

Janice Johnson


I am more than happy with my new smile =] thank you so much. they look even better now.

Jordan Robertson 

They worked!!!! thank you so much! Teeth Gap Bands worked miraculously in just a few days!!!

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