Straight Teeth

In the United States, straight teeth are very nearly a social requirement. Not having straight teeth means more in the U.S. than it seems to in other countries. Here, crooked and gapped teeth are not only a cosmetic blemish, but a social stigma. The subliminal message of gapped or crooked teeth is that the person in question is too poor, uneducated or irresponsible to care for his appearance. Right or wrong, it's hard to make it in America without straight teeth.

Straight Teeth and Dental Insurance

Ironically, more and more Americans are living without insurance these days. Out of those folks who can afford medical insurance, many just can't spare the extra cost of dental insurance. Although everyone in America is expected to have perfect teeth, fewer and fewer Americans are able to afford them.

Fortunately, innovators have developed great, low-cost alternatives to pricey braces, invisible braces and veneers. People with gapped teeth are able to correct their smiles with our inexpensive products called Teeth Gap Bands. These bands can be ordered online, are easy to use, and work in just weeks.

Users also have a great deal of control over these amazing bands. They can be worn exclusively at night, or during both night and day. The bands can be taken off for important events, and are always taken off for meals and for cleaning the teeth. If a wearer feels too much pressure wearing the Teeth Gap Bands, he can stretch them out a bit before slipping them on, until his teeth begin to shift and the pressure is no longer uncomfortable.

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