Tooth Repair and Tooth Gap

     Tooth repair is a typically done by a dentist to repair chipped, cracked, or discolored teeth. Bonding material can be used to fill in gaps between teeth, protect the root of a tooth, or serve as an alternative to silver amalgam fillings.


The Tooth Repair Procedure

     The dentist first selects a shade of bonding material that looks the most like the shade of your teeth. Next, the dentist applies a liquid that helps dental bonding material hold to the teeth. The bonding material is then placed on the tooth. The dentist will then smooth it to the desired shape and use a high intensity light to harden it. Once the material is hardened, final touches will be made to make the tooth resemble the other teeth. If multiple teeth are being repaired you may have to go visit the dentist several times to get the results you want.


Cost of Dental Tooth repair

     The cost of a tooth repair can be very costly. Fortunately if you have a tooth gap you can close your gap for a fraction of the price you would pay a dentist to close your gap. Teeth Gap offers an affordable solution to draw your teeth together. You simply wear a band around the teeth with a gap and it slowly pulls your teeth together. After a few days the gap will close and you will enjoy a new beautiful smile.



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