Tooth Gap

Tooth gap negatively affects millions of Americans today. If you have gapped teeth, you know that it's an embarrassing problem which can shake your confidence. It's hard to feel comfortable at a job interview or on a first date when you're worried about other people judging your teeth. Tooth gap may even discourage you from smiling freely, a sad fact that is bound to affect your own mood as much as it affects other people's perception of you.

Fixing Tooth Gap

If you have resolved to finally fix your tooth gap, we offer you our congratulations. Fixing the gaps in your teeth is likely to improve your confidence as much as it improves your smile. You'll feel more at ease dealing with people face to face, which will benefit everything from your love life to your career.

We here at Teeth Gap have a fantastic solution available for folks with gapped teeth. It's called Teeth Gap Bands, and it can correct your teeth in just a fraction of the time it would take to fix them with Invisalign. Even better, our Teeth Gap Bands are just a fraction of the cost of Invisalign.

If you have very crooked teeth, however, this product may not be ideal for you. While our Teeth Gap Bands are perfect for closing the gaps between teeth, they are not braces, and cannot realign crooked teeth the way braces can. However, for those people who suffer from a gap or gaps in the teeth, our Teeth Gap Bands are an absolute life-saver.

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