Tooth Whitening and Tooth Gap

     Most people want beautiful white straight teeth without a tooth gap. If you have stained teeth or a tooth gap it is usually thought of as unattractive. If you where to go to a dentist to have your teeth whitened it would cost 100's of dollars but if you go to Wal-Mart and buy teeth whiteners it will only cost you about 20 dollars. The difference is you are not paying for dentist's time and knowledge which is the major cost. If you do it yourself you will save hundreds of dollars. Teeth Gap's employees took this dental direction a step future by make a product called Teeth Gap Bands available to the public to eliminate costly dental fees for closing gapped teeth.

Tooth Whitening

     Most stains are caused by age, tobacco, coffee, or tea. Other types of stains can be caused by antibiotics, such as tetracycline; or too much fluoride. Ask your oral health care professional about tooth-whitening options. They include a number of over-the-counter whitening systems, whitening toothpastes, and the latest high-tech option--laser tooth whitening. For maximum whitening, experts agree that peroxide is usually the way to go.

     Supervised bleaching procedures that are done in-office and at-home have become among the most popular treatment options. In some cases, the procedure is performed entirely in the office, using a light or heat source to speed up the bleaching process. In other cases, an oral health care professional gets the procedure started during an office visit and then gives you what you need to complete it at home. Still another popular procedure is one that you complete entirely at home.

     At-home procedures, sometimes called night guard vital bleaching, consist of placing a bleaching solution, usually a peroxide mixture, in a tray (night guard) that has been custom fitted for your mouth by an oral health care professional. The bleaching solutions may vary in potency and may be worn for an hour, or throughout the night. Your oral health care professional can advise you on the appropriate type of application and the length of time needed to whiten your teeth, based on the severity of tooth discoloration and your specific needs.

Tooth Gap

     Teeth Gap provides a do it yourself solution to close gaps at an affordable cost.  By placing a Teeth Gap Band around the two teeth with a gap causes your teeth to pull toward one another to close the Tooth Gap gap. It work’s similar to a rubber band. If you take a rubber band and stretch it out it will pull inward. Teeth Gap Bands are becoming a very popular treatment options because of the low cost and the fact that it really works!



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